available classes

Zumba – an exercise class that combines dance and fitness moves, using a variety of Latin dance styles that will have you burning calories in no time.

Zumba and Cardio Kick – Intense 55 minute cardio class that combines the fun dance moves of Zumba in the first half with the muscle conditioning of Kickboxx in the second half.

Zumba Gold – This is a Zumba Fitness class for the true beginner, the fit over 50, the deconditioned exerciser or anyone looking for a great low impact workout.

Beginner Yoga – Ease into yoga with this class that will help build a strong foundation of basic Yoga postures and breathing techniques. Bring a yoga mat.

TNT (Tone & Tighten) – This is a body sculpting class that will increase your everyday strength with focus on functional movements. Bring light weights and a fitness mat.

Barre Works – This sexy, energetic workout fuses fitness techniques from dance, Pilates and Yoga and will tone, define and chisel your whole body. Bring light weights and a fitness mat.

Kickboxx – This class blends athletic drills with martial arts to create an intense cardiovascular, total body workout.

My Chance to Dance ™ – This dance exercise program is specifically designed for children and adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities.

Second Chance to Dance™ – This chair dance/exercise program is specifically designed for seniors in independent, assisted or nursing home facilities.



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Our current class schedules are always available for download! Check back each month to discover what exciting classes are being offered.

CCPlus @ The Center schedule

Community Fitness schedule

Zumba Gold schedule

My Chance to Dance™ schedule

Grosse Pointe Area Community Schedule

Kids Fitness Schedule

Our schedules are available as PDFs. You’ll need Adobe Reader® or another PDF viewer to open the file. Reader is available as a free download.

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